Naturalich : Meat Masala Manufacturer

Naturalich is an absolutely natural, Co2 extract in liquid form with all the richness and goodness of pure spices. The exquisite essence and aroma of the spice is captured in every drop and packed in glass bottles to prevent loss of volatile oils and flavours. This new concept in the world of spice brings you the power of Essential Oils and Oleoresins in a ready-to-use form. A drop is all you need to instantly transform your food and beverages, and heighten the experience of flavour.

How to use Naturalich Drop™?


Squeeze… Drop… Stir. And, Voila… You’ve spiced up your favourite cup of beverage or portion of food!
 The product comes in a unique 5 ml glass bottle which comes with a dropper attachment to the cap. All you have to do is open the cap, squeeze the dropper and add 1 drop of the extract to a portion of food, sweet or beverage, and give it a stir. The cap must be closed tight after each use.
The Meat and Meat Masala drops come in 15/30 ml bottles with a 1 ml measuring steel spoon. Just measure one spoonful and add it to a portion of food, sweet or beverage and stir well. For best results add Naturalich Drop at the end of cooking.

Why Naturalich ?



Natural & Hygienic: It is absolutely natural with no synthetic colours or flavours added. It is free from bacteria, fungus and prevents the infestation of the same.


 Long Shelf Life: It has a shelf life of 18 month compared to powders or pastes that have a shelf life of just few weeks or months.


Convenience: No peeling, grinding, mixing, crushing etc., making it very convenient to use. Add it at the end of cooking for best results. It does not require any heating or cooking to release the flavour of spices.


Economical: One 15 ml bottle can flavour up to 30 litres of liquid or 10 kgs of food. Just add 1 drop per portion/serving, or as per individual preference.


Consistent Flavour: With Naturalich™ we guarantee consistent flavour, unlike seasonal raw spices that vary in flavour according to cooking time and the amount used.


Dispersability: Dispersability of flavour in the end product is superior to that of raw spices. Just a stir after adding a drop will do the magic.


Storage: Easy to store and handle. It can be stored at room temperature without deterioration in flavour or quality unlike raw spices. No refrigeration required.